The Sport Institute of Finland is a national coaching and training centre for sports and physical education. It operates under the auspices of the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and is run by the Suomen Urheiluopiston Kannatusosakeyhtiö Ltd. The Sport Institute of Finland develops, produces, and markets high-quality coaching, training, and education services both at an international and national level. The core functions are physical education, health-enhancing physical activity, and sports.

The Sport Institute of Finland is also a liberal adult-education institution that organises vocational and further education leading to qualifications in sports, along with fee-based educational support services. As a liberal adult-education provider, the institute arranges training, versatile and high-quality leisure-time sports courses for all age groups, as well as camps and tournaments which are arranged in collaboration with sports clubs.

The adult-education unit of the Sport Institute of Finland develops, plans, and carries out training leading to qualifications, further education, seminars in the field, brief courses, and projects that serve and help to develop working life in the field. The Sport Institute of Finland works in partnership with the Vierumäki Unit of the HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences, which is responsible for organising higher education in Vierumäki.

Sports and coaching
The Sport Institute of Finland is mainly owned by the Finnish Ice Hockey Association (FIHA), it supports elite sports in Finland by serving as the main leading ice sports training centre in Finland. The mission is to provide education and development services for training and coaching. The training centre collaborates closely with many sport associations and international partners to develop and realise athletes’ and coaches’ training and education programmes. Athletes and their coaches in dozens of individual sports come to Vierumäki each year to participate in training and coaching programmes. Vierumäki is also the official training centre of the Finnish Olympic Committee.

The International Ice Hockey Centre of Excellence
Operating from Vierumäki, the International Ice Hockey Centre of Excellence is a nationally and internationally significant centre of education and expertise. It works to develop ice hockey, while also developing and maintaining training and coaching material related to ice hockey. The Finnish Sport Institute in cooperation with the HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences educates ice hockey coaches in the Degree Programme (English studies). Vierumäki has also a longterm co-operation in coach education with the Finnish Olympic Committee in Professional Coaching in many different sports and is also a partner in the Coaching Educational Program targeting the Athletes Path (from 9 years to Olympic level). Connected to the HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences this brings in knowledge and skills from a multicultural pedagogic learning background.  

“Vierumäki” is the competence center for the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) worldwide (e.g.: Organization of the international Hockey Development Camp (HDC) every summer for young players U16), and will provide expertise in training of coaches and referees in terms of integrity and leadership and will facilitate discussion groups with all involved stake holders on the topic of physical activity in order to find an answer to the question: “How to motivate the youth to be active, and to discover that sport offers the perfect opportunity to meet other same aged kids and to be encouraged to join the sport of ice hockey?”

Tasks and responsibilities of Vierumaki for the project are detailed in point G.3. Cooperation arrangements

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