The VIDC - Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation is a non-profit NGO in consultative status with ECOSOC (Economic and Social council of the United Nations). The VIDC has a long tradition in the field of development cooperation in Austria and was founded in July 1962 in Salzburg and Vienna by Bruno Kreisky, making it the oldest Austrian organisation in development policy and cooperation.
The VIDC sees its place in the working fields of science, culture and sports as an emancipatory contribution for showing solidarity against all forms of discrimination and racism in society.

FairPlay. Different Colours. One Game is the Austrian Initiative for Diversity and Antidiscrimination in Sports at VIDC.
The project started in 1997 as an anti-racist initiative in sports. Over the years issues of sexism, homophobia, antisemitism, nationalism where added. FairPlay cooperates with many football and sport clubs, fan clubs, migrant organisations and schools; it also engages in inter-cultural activities, especially in Austrian football. Since 1997 FairPlay has been a partner of the European Commission and is a founding member of the network “Football against Racism in Europe” (FARE), which was founded in Vienna in 1999.
At the moment FairPlay has five main foci:


  • Antidiscrimination
  • Sport and Inclusion
  • Sport and Development
  • Socio-preventive Fanwork
  • Balkan-project

FairPlay aims to address different kinds of discrimination and the issue of social inclusion, intercultural dialogue and the exclusion of minorities in sports amongst others throughout educational programmes. Therefore FairPlay developed the so called “FairPlay-Workshops” for Youth, which are a mixture of theoretical and practical methods on social inclusion, global learning, discrimination and teambuilding.
On the other hand FairPlay offers Workshops for Pedagogues and Coaches on the topic of intercultural competences in sports, which were developed throughout the working group Sport and Integration in the Austrian Sports Ministry and the European network SPIN (Sport Inclusion Network).


FairPlay. Different Colours. One Game
VIDC - Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation
Möllwaldplatz 5/3, 1040 Vienna / Austria
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