Criminality in competition in general, and match-fixing in particular, are threatening to infiltrate the fundamental character traits of sport, the credibility, the fairness and the integrity of sport.

This negative trend signifies a grave threat for sport as a whole. Turnovers of billions of dollars (euros) in the sport-betting industry are subject to business models of the Organized Crime referring to money laundering. Manipulation and betting fraud is massive threat to everybody involved in todays sport world, that is the athletes, the referees, the clubs, the sponsors and the fans. Once credibility is at stake, the „product“ sport has a serious problem.

Prevention refers to the idea of making athletes, coaches and those responsible at the relevant sporting associations aware of match-fixing by providing education, explanation and information.
Above and beyond this, it is about highlighting the backgrounds and risks, and offering protection mechanisms.
At the moment the Play Fair Code has 2 fulltime employees in a growing field of sport. The Association has 5 ordinary members (Austrian Ministry of Sports / Austrian Football Federation / Austrian Soccer League / Austrian Ski Federation, Erste Bank Eishockey Liga), 5 extraordinary members and several partners.

The main area in this project for the Play Fair Code will be to give presentations on match-fixing to young players, coaches and referees, to provide information materials to all participants and partners for further distribution and to facilitate discussion groups. Furthermore the Play Fair Code will contribute its knowhow for establishing the evaluation form for the part of Match-Fixing! The relevant feedback on this topic from all participants and respondents will be considered in the presentations and discussion groups.

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