The “Nationale Anti-Doping Agentur GmbH” (NADA Austria) was established on 1st of July 2008 as a limited liability company with its head office in Vienna and is a non-profit, independent anti-doping organization. Currently there are 7 employees and 100 external personnel (80 doping control officers and doping control assistants, 15 education-staff).

The Anti-Doping Federal Act passed on 29th of June 2007 (Anti-Doping-Bundesgesetz, Federal Law Gazette I no. 30/2007) established NADA Austria as an independent anti-doping organization mandated with anti-doping-work in sport by means of doping control and prevention in accordance with international agreements.

The control functions include planning, conducting and monitoring doping control processes, instituting disciplinary actions, deciding on applications for therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs), and reporting on compliance with anti-doping rules.

The field of prevention comprises providing information and education and raising awareness about doping in sport at the top and professional levels and in popular sport. Target groups of preventive measures include athletes as well as people in the athletes' environment, in particular coaches, support personnel, medical staff, pharmacists, officials, parents and educators.

NADA Austria's key mission is to protect the clean athletes.

NADA Austria

  • is a service institution for clean sports in Austria;
  • represents the World Anti-Doping Program based on the World Anti-Doping Code;
  • stands for the true value of sport, the spirit of sport, ethics, fair play, honesty, health, character, teamwork, rules and laws, respect and the Olympic idea;
  • acts with its activities for a change in public awareness leading to general rejection of doping practices;
  • regards doping as deceitful toward competitors in sport and as a severe hazard to athletes' health;
  • stands for fair competitions;
  • relies especially on young people's insight, so that fewer doping incidents will occur in the future;
  • stands for the athletes' fundamental right to participate in doping-free sports;
  • is set up as an independent organization, free from any subjective influence.

The Austrian Anti-Doping Agency and other national Anti-Doping Agencies throughout Europe as its partner organizations have the core competence in the anti-doping work.

Within the project NADA Austria will be responsible to prepare presentations and workshops on Anti-Doping and to provide Information-Material and educational documents to all participants and project-partners. One of the goals is to provide all necessary information on Anti-Doping to every existing and future hockey player. NADA Austria will cooperate with other Anti-Doping Agencies of those involved partner countries in order to secure a proper translation of presentations and materials and transfer of knowledge in those countries.

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