The Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation (HIHF) is an organization which runs the ice hockey sport in Hungary and was founded in 1927. With a long tradition the HIHF operates the leagues (men and women, senior and youth) all over the country. The organization has 62 members (clubs) and 16 full time employees.
The HIHF operates the Ice Hockey National Teams in Hungary in all age groups (Senior, U20, U18, U17, U16, U15, U14, U13).

The Hungarian National Development Program helps the players to improve themselves as players and as persons.  The coaches improve their hockey skills and teach the players about tactics, nutrition, media relations, sport psychology, how to handle pressure, how to plan their life and achieve their goals and work for their dreams.

The HIHF wants to continue this program, the Erasmus+ and the cooperation with other nations and organizations in the best way to improve the Hungarian program and teach the kids more life skills. The HIHF will exchange experiences and at the end get to know more about the culture of surrounding countries with the help of sport. This new environment and the bigger competition will help to develop players in Hungary.

The Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation was organizing 18 tournaments over the past 3 years and will organize one tournament every year within the “European Rookie CUP” based on the experiences from the past

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