EHC München e.V.  is an established Ice Hockey Club that has an active membership of over 225 players (boys and girls). The EHCM is to enable the opportunity for young kids (starting at the age of 3 to 19) living in and around Munich to be active and involved in Sports all year round.
The Club has a Coaching Staff of 9 Coaches, of which during the winter season four are full time. EHCM strive to teach not only Ice Hockey skills, but also to have a better Lifestyle through being active, fitness and nutrition. Teaching kids life-skills, to become a better person, working in a social environment,  reaching goals individually and together as a team is something the club is working for hard at every day.  The full time Coaching Staff has the opportunity to work with Players and Coaches of smaller Clubs in Munichs’ surrounding area.  Giving them support on and off the ice, in sharing professional knowledge with them, enabling the voluntary Coaches the opportunity to become better teachers.

The EHC München e.v. would be a very good fit for this Project, as the club is already very active in trying to send a good message to young Players. Through Ice Hockey and the European Ice Hockey Community  (Tournaments and Exibition Games) the club will connect and work together with other sports partners.

Sport Clubs have an important role to play in the Community, especially into todays society. This role becomes even more important for the Club and Coaches being located in a big city. For many of our Players the EHCM provide the only weekly activity they have outside of school. They don’t have the freedom to move and play that kids living in small Communities have. EHCM is providing this component for the kids throughout the week, to balance their daily routines. The club also have the responsibility of educating the older Players of the “wrongs” and “rights” that they are confronted with living in the City. Helping them to learn to make smart decisions.

Throughout the Winter season EHCM takes part in Exibition-games and Touraments in many different Countries like Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia, Austria and in the coming season possibly more. This will provide a great opportunity where the club will be able to make presentations on the topics involved in the Project and exchange ideas on how to educate the athletes better. The EHC München e.v. also have an affiliation with the Mossach Munich School and would be able to make contacts and show Presentations to Schools in Munich. Through our Professional Coaching Staff,  coming from different countries in the EU and North America, the club staff is able to use their resourses and  provide an abandence of knowledge attaining to areas on and around the ice. Also, through the Coaches vast arrange of networks, the club is able to connect and work together with the Ice Hockey Community throughout Europe.

With the European Rookie CUP the EHC Muenchen will host one of the PlayOff-Tournaments in Munich providing all necessary facilities for sport / lectures & workshops and organizing a socializing event for the participants to meet players from other teams and countries for the core of the “Erasmus” idea,  acting as a “light tower” (Best practice model) for the projects ideas within the german icehockey family.

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