The Ministry of Sports as governmental institution aims to support activities to promote sport and health enhancing physical activity. The Department of Sport exists of 44 civil servants. The Ministry of Defence and Sports as a governmental institution and public authority is responsible for competitive sports as well as grassroot sports to execute issues such as Anti-Doping and Good Governance in Austria.

In order to enable everyone engaging in sport and physical exercise, the Ministry is not only funding future elite athletes but also provides funds on grass roots level.

In addition, governmental support for sport activities is also based on aims like the fight against match-fixing and doping in sport.

One of the most important and common interests is to support activities that help to increase the interest of children and young people for physical activity. Therefore the Ministry as cooperation partner of the European Rookie Cup project intends to support this project by providing additional funds. 

Besides that, the Ministry has excellent contact to the Austrian sports movement as well as to international and European sport organizations. 

Furthermore, the Austrian Ministry of Sports is able to raise awareness on issues like Anti-Doping and Good Governance principles. The ministry acts as the linking partner to the European Union and provides knowhow in the strategic planning of the project based on experiences from previous EU-projects.

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