Cross Border Cooperation

The Erste Bank Eishockey Liga (EBEL) and its member-clubs together with the Austrian Icehockey Federation (ÖEHV) and the Austrian Hockey Board (roof organization above EBEL and ÖEHV) took a fundamental decision in 2011 to establish programmes against the stagnancy in the development of hockey.

With the experience of the international league – Erste Bank Eishockey Liga - involving 5 different EU-countries  and the exchange of Knowhow between the respective national federations it was agreed to coordinate also 2 international youth leagues (Erste Bank Young Stars League (U20) since 2012/2013 and Erste Bank Juniors League (U18) since the season 2013/2014) in order to develop and educate young athletes and guide them to a professional level in all countries participating in this programme.

This step benefits all participating clubs and federations as the combination of smaller (icehockey) markets creates one big market with the chance to have a look beyond national borders and to learn from others in any way.

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