Raising awareness was defined as the key premise for successful prevention.


In the prevention field a 45 minutes training & education tool was developed and was meanwhile rolled out for the top-level football clubs in Austria, the Austrian male and female football national teams plus youth teams, the several  National Football Associations, the Austrian youth football academies and the elite-group referees. In January 2015 the Play Fair Code also enrolled a training module for the professional ice hockey players of the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga (EBEL) in Austria and is educating these teams at the present time.


The presentations are dealing with the sensitization of players, coaches, club officials, functionaries and referees on the topics match-fixing and integrity in sports. Special footage from TV documentaries and other sources including an interview with an involved former football pro as a well as special footage of a manipulated ice hockey match in Denmark plus the presentation of two match-fixing incidents which happened in the ice hockey sport last year demonstrate the threats of match-fixing. The emphasis of these training seminars was set on the way of how to deal with those manipulation situations. The „3 Rs“ – „Recognize, Resist and Report“ are shown as guideline for the people involved.


At the end of every ice hockey training session the team captains and coaches and a representative of the Play Fair Code sign a „certificate of training“ which contains the keyfacts and corepoints of the presentation plus the contact details of the Play Fair Code. This certificate serves as proof of attendance at the presentations and should be fixed in the locker rooms of the several teams.


With its „Play Fair Code“ brand, the challenge is to preserve the  social, ethical and cultural values of sport. The Play Fair Code adresses the issue of match-fixing with their core values: competence, commitment and sustainability.


Monitoring is the observation and analysis of matches and match results.

Monitoring offers highly efficient protection against match-fixing, and has been used almost constantly in professional football in recent years.

Over 30,000 matches in the top two leagues in all of the 53 UEFA member countries are already being monitored, as well as European club competitions and matches between national sides.

Monitoring is an instrument offering protection for athletes and is a means of keeping the sport clean and free of manipulation.

Ombudsman Office

The Ombudsman Facility of the Play Fair Code is a discrete and competent contact point for players, coaches, club representatives, referees and all other stakeholders in sport.

The Ombudsman office is a professional and confidential first point of contact for athletes and other stakeholders in sport who have information on past or planned match fixing activities.

The Ombudsman office advises and offers guidance on how to best handle suspicious and potentially dangerous situations in relation to match fixing.

The Ombudsman office is situated in the law firm Niederhuber & Partner which is obligated to treat all received information confidentially.

In close cooperation with the informant and only with the informant’s explicit consent the Ombudsman office may contact and inform the Play Fair Code.
Play Fair Code acts as an information platform for sporting associations. In cooperation with the associations Play Fair Code offers solutions in line with the relevant legal provisions.
The Ombudsman office may be contacted by e-mail or telephone 24 hours a day. Also anonymous enquiries are handeled by the Ombudsman office.

The consultation is free of charge.

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