The Target Groups

The European Rookie CUP is a Tournament-Series for players at the age of 16 (Born 1.1.1999) and younger. Those players will be educated by lectures on the project-topics at the Tournament-weekends.

At the Final Tournament the focus is on coaches and referees who will have the same lectures as the players. Especially coaches play a very important role as they will be able to act as multipliers to their players. If the coaches and referees pay attantion to the integrity of the game then the players will follow! Therefore a "Recruiting Programme" will be installed to discuss ways how kids can be motivated to start playing Ice Hockey and how the knowledge transfer of the integrity of the sport can be done in the best possible way!

A survey about the project topics was established in 5 different languages which will be sent to a wide range of players within the respective Project-Countries and different age groups (U18 - U14) in order to reach as many players as possible!

Through the official Website and the official facebook-page also parents, fans, journalists, politicians and functionaries should and will have the chance to download the presentations of the experts to receive more information about the topics.

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