The 4 threats in sport

The project of the European Rookie CUP is considering Match-Fixing | Doping | Discrimination & Intolerance and the lack of physical activity as the 4 biggest threat in sports and therefore wants to tackle those problems together with those partners in the project who are the experts in the respective field.





At the PlayOff-, and Final-Tournaments the European Rookie CUP is able to reach approximately 350 players at the age between 14 - 16 and their coaches and staff members directly by facilitating lectures about the above mentioned Project-Topics! The experts will have the chance to talk to the kids in person and explain mor back ground information about the threats in sports! The focus at the PlayOff-Tournaments is on the players, at the Final-Tournament coaches and referees will be educated!



The Topic of the Final-Tournament is Physical Activity. On one side the players are physically activ and on the other side discussion panels are planned to create a transfer of knowledge about "Physical Activity" and to find answers to the question: "What can we do to make young people more activ and how can we make them play Ice Hockey?"



Coaches and referees will be educated through a "Recruiting Programme" to gain more information what they can do to motivate young kids to join the Team-Sport of Ice Hockey!

The European Rookie CUP will also illustrate possibilities for players to stay "within the game" if they realize that they are not good enough for Professional Hockey! To become a referee, a coach or physio therapist could become an option for one or the other player in the future!

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