About the European Rookie CUP

European Rookie CUP | Acronym: EUROCUP

The European Rookie CUP includes a strong international dimension and brings together 14 different organizations from many different areas of operation and 9 different countries during a project life-time of 36 month.

The projects focus is to raise awareness about Match-Fixing / Doping / Discrimination & Intolerance. The European Rookie CUP combines development and implementation of training and educational modules, networking, sharing of good practices and sports at the same place.

The website www.rookiecup.eu will serve as a platform for information transfer to all stakeholders, such as hockey players, parents, fans, coaches, functionaries, referees, media and the public. 

The main task within the first year is the analysis of the current level of knowledge about the project-objectives. An analysis form with specific questions on will be created to gain more information about the target groups know-how. With this feedback the experts will create their presentations and workshops and will have the chance to work directly with the young players by explaining all aspects of Match-Fixing / Doping / Intolerance & Discrimination in detail during 4 PlayOff-Tournaments and 1 Final Tournament which will be organized by national icehockey federations and/or local clubs. 16 teams (á 22 players) will participate at each tournament. 

After the tournaments the project steering group together with the experts will create a compact brochure with program guidelines about the project topics. This brochure should be published, produced and distributed to all youth players by the national federations and clubs.

To compare the evaluation-results of the first and second year will offer the consortium valuable clues about the effective impact of the project. We will also be able to identify areas of information gap which will help us to adapt our approach and to change our focus on the information flow.

Build on the experience of the first year and the results of the evaluations we will create an “Online-Education-QUIZ” on the project website.

The sport institute of Finland (Vierumaki) is running coaches-seminars and education-programs. The goal is prepare guidelines about the project-objectives which should become part of the apprenticeships of Vierumaki. The implementation of the project-topics in such an education-program will have a deep impact on the fight against the project-topics as coaches will act as multipliers to their players.

The Steering Group will work closely with all partners to ensure smooth working conditions and to evaluate and discuss developments during the project-activities and to create the final report after the completion of the project.

After the creation of the final project-report it is planned to present the final results at different occasions throughout Europe.

Project stages

The Under-16 championships will be organized by the respective national federation and are considered national championships! The best ranked teams of each national championship are then qualified for the European Rookie CUP (AUT = 4 | HUN = 4 | SLO = 3 | ITA = 2 | BiH = 1). The teams of KHL Medvescak Zagreb and EHC München e.v. are seeded permanently as those teams are direct partners within the organization of the European Rookie CUP.

16 teams will participate at the European Rookie CUP in Total. Each of the 4 "PlayOff-Tournaments" will host 4 teams from 4 different countries. At this second stage the focus is on the players to give them lectures about the project-topics of Match-Fixing / Anti-Doping and Discrimination & Intolerance.

The 4 winners of the PlayOff-Tournaments will proceed to the final Tournament to play for the win of the European Rookie CUP Trophy! At the final Tournaments the focus is on coaches and referees to educate them on the same project topics as well as on- and off ice hockey-knowledge as they will act as the multipliers when educating the players in the best possible way!

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