Why is Information and Education important?

Both repression and prevention are equally important to guarantee the fundamental right of athletes for clean competitions.

Young people do not decide whether or not to use performance enhancing substances (or methods) in a short-term period. Restraints are reduced step by step until the first drug is swallowed or the first syringe is set. The main objective of the preventive work is to ensure that the next generation decides confident and in their own belief against doping and drug abuse. 

This can be achieved only through the combined efforts of all stakeholders. In addition to the athletes the focus on other target groups like coaches, trainers, officials, doctors as well as parents, teachers, friends, acquaintances, politicians, the media, and not least the sports-interested public is a key of long-term anti-doping work. All these parties have to form an environment where doping has no place and is clearly condemned as lie, fraud and damage to health.

NADA Austria focuses on information, education and public relations in professional, amateur and recreational sports and provides all their services free of charge.

Information Tools of NADA Austria

NADA Austria offers information in form of handbooks, websites, eLearning-platforms, seminaries, lectures and schoolings for junior and elite athletes, coaches, sports officials, sports psychologists, (sports-) doctors, physiotherapists, etc. The interactive e-learning platform "Anti-Doping Lizenz" (www.lizenz.nada.at) for athletes and their coaches consists of different modules on the subjects of rights and responsibilities of the athletes, nutritional supplements, banned substances and methods, doping control, disciplinary proceedings and responsibilities of coaches and support staff. 

NADA Austria´s Info-Tour attends youth sports events throughout Austria. The staff at the booth offer support and assistance at all questions regarding the anti-doping work. In addition, visitors can obtain all the online applications of NADA Austria (e-learning programs, videos, quiz, mobile game "Born to Run", etc.) and use information material. To use all possibilities of target group oriented communication and awareness raising, NADA Austria is also on Facebook (www.facebook.com/nadaaustria) and YouTube (www.youtube.com/nadaaustria).

NADA Austria´s School-Project

In 2013 NADA Austria launched an anti-doping education program with the aim to attend all 14 to 19 year old students in sport elite schools. Each grade of the participating schools is visited by the instructors of NADA Austria once per year for three lessons. In this way a harmonization and standardization of the anti-doping work in sport elite schools is ensured. The main objective of this project is to support the young athletes in their self-confident decision against doping.

The age-appropriate, interactive modules focus on "traditional" topics like "what is doping?", "doping control", "rights and obligations" was well as questions like “the reason for doping?”, "why is doping banned?" and the danger of nutritional supplements. The module for the first grade has the aim to raise awareness and create a basis for the next steps of the project. The lessons in the second grade deal with the topics of fairness and health. The third module focuses on values, doping-mentality and body image. In the fourth grade students learn about rights and responsibilities, consequences of doping and practice a doping control. In the last module knowledge is consolidated and the matter of doping in society completes the curriculum.

After four or five years (depending on the school type) the students worked 12 or 15 hours in total on the topic of doping and drug abuse. The passing of the elearing-platform “Anti-Doping Lizenz” completes the project and qualifies the students to get their own “Your sport in your hands”-T-shirt. Every participating school receives a certificate from NADA Austria, the ministry of sports and the ministry of education.

NADA Austria´s school project is a very important step in the Austrian anti-doping work and contributes to the common goal of all sport-interested persons: sport without doping.

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