What are the duties of the athletes?

The most important task of athletes is to know and comply with the current anti-doping rules. All information on this can be found at www.nada.at. 

Particular caution should be given when athletes are ill or injured, because e.g. in Austria there are about 2,000 (of the 12,000 drugs that are registered in the Austria Codex) that are on the Prohibited List.

Athletes must therefore inform their doctor that they are subject to the anti-doping rules. NADA Austria recommends that every athlete checks each type of treatment on its own to reduce the risk of a wrong treatment. To support the athletes NADA Austria offers an online drug database (www.nada.at/medikamentenabfrage), which classifies all drugs of the Austria Codex regarding the current Prohibited List. This service is also available as an App for Android and iOS. NADOs of other countries provide similar databases or offer individual support.

Why must elite athletes disclose their whereabouts?

Doping controls protect the clean athletes. They are conducted in each country according to the "International Standard for testing and investigations". The aim of these rules is to perform intelligent doping controls in order to detect cheating athletes.

An essential element of a modern doping control program are unannounced, unexpected doping controls out of competition, since numerous doping practices are applied in this period, eg. to build muscle, increase endurance or recover faster.

Therefore, athletes who are listed in the Registered Testing Pool must disclose their whereabouts. However, no 24-hour monitoring is required, but an indication of accommodation address and regular activities (eg. training) and competitions. Athletes who belong to the top segment of the Testing Pool must also specify one hour each day (“1h-Time-Slot”) in which they are definitely available for testing.

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