Attention: Nutritional Supplements

Several independent studies indicate that up to 25 percent of Nutritional Supplements are contaminated with prohibited substances. The greatest danger comes with products that were ordered over the Internet. In addition to the usual ingredients, there are also highly effective stimulants, anabolic steroids or so-called prohormones in the packs. The contamination of Nutritional Supplements can be the cause of poor cleaning residues, eg. when filling or mixing. In some cases these substances are specially advertised despite the fact that they are illegal, but in many cases not all ingredients are listed. 

If athletes despite these risks, and in consultation with a specialist, still want to take Nutritional Supplements, only products that are strictly tested should be used. Please note that NADA Austria and many other NADOs do not comment the purity or safety of Nutritional Supplements and advises extreme caution when using these products.

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